Criminal Defense


The Texas Penal Code established a wide range of conduct considered illegal and punishable.  Whether it is drugs, violence, or anything in between, you will find it in the Penal Code.

Each criminal case is different from many perspectives. The District Attorney’s Office will see it one way, while the defense client will see it another. A fully involved Criminal Defense Attorney can establish his perspective on the facts and the law immediately in order to ensure the best possible outcome on the case. All defendants need someone that evaluates each case from all the angles and provides a clear understanding of the law.

That attorney is Dakk. From his early days as a practicing student-attorney at the Public Defender’s Office to now, he learned that the criminal justice system can be frightening with rules that seem to run in favor of the State. Reducing charges, dismissing charges, or just simply keeping clients out of jail, Dakk will work to make sure all his clients are positioned in the best possible outcome no matter the issue. Some of the common crimes are described below.


Domestic Assault charges are some of the most difficult situations one has to deal with. From the minor charge of offensive touching to the more serious felony charges of domestic violence, there are many avenues an accused can take to avoid such a charge on his/her record. If you have been accused of domestic violence, whether misdemeanor or felony, you need to speak with an attorney now. The sooner the better, since most facts get lost in translation and officers tend to make arrests with little to no investigation conducted.


There are many different crimes related to illegal or controlled substances, however, drug possession is the most common offense. A drug charge can range from the possession of small amounts of drugs to the manufacture and distribution of drugs.

 The state of Texas has some of the harshest penalties for drug possession, but there may be some defenses to the charges against you. No matter how serious your situation is, you must call Dakk to fight for your freedom.



“DUI” is short for “Driving Under the Influence” and “DWI” means “Driving While Intoxicated.” In Texas, both crimes are related to individuals driving a vehicle in a public place with a deficiency of mental or physical faculties because of the use of alcohol or any other drug.

Alcohol-related offenses have many issues that derive from the arrest; including but not limited to, license suspensions. Furthermore, DUIs can lead to punishments from your standard probation and fines to jail time. Punishments range and depending on the facts of the case, punishments may be enhanced.

Dakk is an experienced criminal defense attorney who will help you understand and defend your rights.