Family Law



We promise to offer you the kind of attention your family legal matter requires. We are sincere in our approach as we try to put our clients in the best possible position. Dakk knows you are going through a tough situation, which is why he makes sure that you completely understand your case to empower you with valuable information and to make logical decisions.


No matter the case, when children are involved, we are talking about a difficult process in which there has to be a very clear understanding from the beginning. 

According to the Family Code in Texas, there are certain rules both parents must follow, but the best interests of the children transcends other considerations.

You may be questioning: Where the children will reside? or How much time will the child be allowed to spend with every parent?  One of the most important goals in Family Court is to keep both parents fully involved with the child during and after the divorce. Dakk thinks both parents should have equal rights so long as each parent is a good parent.


Due to the lack of legal counsel, one of the most common mistakes people make is to base Child Support amount on what someone else in a similar circumstance is receiving.

The State of Texas considers the financial support of children to be a joint responsibility of both parents. In fact, the Family Court must ensure both parents will equally support their children.

If you are seeking to establish a suitable support plan, to modify a pre-existing order, or enforce child support obligations, Dakk genuinely cares and he will negotiate for you.


Whether it is an uncontested or contested divorce, the issues you and your soon to be former spouse bring to this point will affect the rest of your life and will impact the lives of those you love the most.

There’s not just one way of getting a divorce. Dakk promises you he will come up with the best and the fairest arrangement for your family.


Since June 2015, the Supreme Court stipulated that gay communities have equal rights in the eyes of the law, so it legalized same-sex marriage. But still there exist a number of considerations related to LGBTQ Family Law.

Dakk supports LGBTQ rights to get legally married or to adopt a child, and with his open-communication, he assures you that he will be guiding you every step of the process from the initial consultation to resolution of your Family Legal Matter.


We know grandparents are an essential part of children’s lives who can develop a strong bond that lasts forever, and Dakk wants to keep it that way.

In Texas, grandparents´ rights are related to the custody of a grandchild and visitation privileges. They can also request Child Custody if they believe it is a child’s best interest. And if the child is already living with you,  you can apply for Child Support, since both parents have the financial obligation.


Something not many people know is that when the parents of a child are not a married couple, the biological father has no legal rights or obligations to his child until parentage is established. 

Establishing paternity will benefit the child, the father and the entire family, for a better coexistence. Once this is done, the Court can order Child Support or Custody, Visitation, Health Insurance, Refund of pregnancy and birth expenses, etc.

Whether you are the mother of the child who wants to establish legal parentage to your child’s father, or you are the biological father of a child, Dakk will advise you about the legal process, either with a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity or by a court order.


Are you considering to get married? Perhaps you’ve already been married before and did not have a great experience, and you don’t want any more surprises. Even if you are truly in love and you really trust in your significant other, it is a great idea to consider establishing some premarital agreements. 

Decisions like the number of children, savings for retirement, insulating each other from debts, and so many others…It is your right to protect your interests, and Dakk will devise the right rock-solid Agreement that fits your particular situation

Property Division

Who gets what? It’s a deal-breaker that very often causes even more problems during the divorce process.  Texas is a Community Property state, which means couples are required to split equally all assets acquired during a marriage.

What you should know is that there exist several facts that may affect the proportionated property division, such as who is at-fault for the break-up in the marriage, the physical health of each party or if domestic violence has occurred in the relationship.

Dakk knows getting a divorce may be complicated at times, so he will stand by your side in every step of this process.

Restraining Orders

If you fear for your integrity, let Dakk fight for you. He wants to protect you from that person who has been violent against you or has threatened to hurt you.  We can help you get a Restraining Order even if you don´t have a close relationship with the person that is threatening you. 

You will have to go to court, but Dakk will accompany you every moment until you feel safe again.